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Auroom Natura 5 Person Cabin Outdoor Sauna

ONE TIME INVESTMENT Sale price$51,650.00
Door Hinged On:

Door Hinged On

Auroom Wellness Saunas are in incredibly high demand across the US.

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Blending the allure of nature with impeccable design, the Natura outdoor sauna creates a cozy and welcoming environment for relaxation. Its remarkable terrace offers a private retreat to immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty before indulging in the sauna experience. Designed to endure even the harshest weather conditions, the exterior of the sauna ensures both durability and a sense of security, further enhancing your overall relaxation.


Fully Assembled. This sauna comes fully assembled, saving you the time and effort of putting it together yourself.


Exquisite Exterior Cladding. The outside of the sauna is adorned with black thermally modified and brushed Nordic spruce cladding, featuring a C26 profile of 19x141 mm. This cladding not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability.


UV-Protected Exterior. The exterior of the sauna is finished with UV protection to safeguard it against the elements, ensuring maximum longevity and preserving its beauty.


Weather-Resistant Roofing. The sauna is equipped with waterproof roofing material, specially designed to withstand outdoor conditions, protecting you from the elements while you enjoy your sauna sessions.


Stylish Rain Gutter. The sleek black rain gutter not only adds to the sauna's aesthetics but also serves a functional purpose by directing rainwater away from the structure.


Secure Wooden Door. The outside wooden door boasts a brown finish with UV protection, ensuring its resilience to outdoor exposure. It also comes with a lock for added security.


Transitional Terrace. The sauna features a transitional terrace with a triple-glazed tempered selective glass window, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor view while maintaining a comfortable sauna environment.


Durable Terrace Finish. The terrace finishing and materials are thermally modified brown wood with UV protection, guaranteeing their longevity and resistance to wear and tear.


Premium Interior Paneling. Inside, you'll find horizontal Thermo-Aspen interior and ceiling panels in Rombto profile 27x90mm, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your sauna experience.


Premium Glass Door. The interior premium glass door features 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel hinges, and a wood-metal handle, combining safety and style seamlessly. Plus, it offers the option for left or right-handed door placement.


Efficient Drainage System. The sauna floor is equipped with a drainage system, making cleaning a breeze after each use.


Space-Saving Bench. The sauna includes both upper and lower benches, optimizing the use of space and providing comfortable seating for up to five people.


Ambient Lighting. Enhance your sauna experience with an LED strip behind the backrest, creating a wonderful ambiance that adds to the relaxation and tranquility of your sessions.


Enhance your sauna experience with included premium accessories. Bucket + Ladle, Thermometer + Hygrometer, Sand Timer, Aroma Set, Sauna Hat and Sauna Pillow.

What's Included

Sauna Kit

  • Backrest supports
  • Backrest with LED light strips 
  • Upper bench grid
  • Upper bench frame
  • Lower bench grid
  • Lower bench frame
  • Standard base frame
  • Platform
  • Ceiling elements
  • Cladding on 2 side walls 
  • Floor grids
  • Vertical moldings
  • Horizontal moldings
  • Fastening screws
  • Molding nails
  • Additional supports



  • Bucket 
  • Ladle 
  • Thermometer 
  • Hygrometer 
  • Sand Timer 
  • Aroma Set 
  • Sauna Hat 
  • Sauna Pillow


Note: Sauna Heater is not included in the package. (Sold Separately. Contact us for recommendations)


Auroom Natura 5 Person Cabin Outdoor Sauna

Interior Finish: Thermo-aspen
Exterior Finish: Black, Thermo-spruce
Exterior Panels Included: 2 fully clad side panels
Floor Type: Duckboard
Lighting Type: LED Strip
Exterior Width: 138" (350cm)
Exterior Depth: 138" (350cm)
Exterior Height: 111" (283cm)
Dimensions: 138"W (350cm) x 138"D (350cm) x 111"H (283cm)
Glass Door:
  • Glass Finish: Clear
  • Style: 8mm Tempered
  • Width: 24.2" (61.5cm)

    Setting Up Your Sauna
     Pre-Assembled or DIY Pre-Assembled
    Approx Assembly Time
    Tools Required


    Please consult the Installation Manual below for further details.


    Floor Plans


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    The Biohacker's Oasis

    Picture this: After conquering your day, you step into your personal sauna oasis. As the warm steam envelops you, toxins vanish and your mind sharpens. It's not just a sauna; it's your daily reboot for peak performance. We've curated this experience for biohackers like you, blending ancient wisdom and modern tech.
    It's more than wellness; it's a lifestyle upgrade.

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