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6 Person Infrared Sauna

Welcome to Komowa's 6-Person Infrared Saunas, where communal wellness meets spacious design. Tailored for larger groups, these saunas offer the invigorating benefits of infrared therapy for up to six individuals.

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Let Your Energy Skyrocket With a 6-Person Infrared Sauna

All infrared saunas by Komowa can improve your health, but you should modify the experience by selecting a particular size. A 6-person infrared sauna is one of the most popular dimensions. Installing it makes sense if you need a large space to wind down and experience many soothing effects.

Read on to learn more about these effects.

How Does a 6-Person Infrared Sauna Help Improve Your Well-Being?

An energy-efficient Komowa sauna can boost your healthy living and longevity on many levels:

Elevating Cardiovascular Health

Heart conditions manifest themselves in many ways. For instance, the reason you might feel tired all the time is that your heart can’t pump enough blood to keep you going. If that’s the case, a 6-person infrared sauna can save the day. Be it an outdoor or indoor sauna, it may dilate your blood vessels to increase circulation and help distribute nutrients to the rest of your body.

And like a traditional sauna (e.g., steam sauna), an infrared sauna can reduce the amount of fat deposits in your blood vessels to strengthen your heart, which can revitalize you.

Reinforcing the Immune System

Whenever you feel under the weather, a few sessions in dynamic saunas can do you a world of good. For instance, if you choose a large infrared sauna, you’ll have plenty of space to lie down and help your body recover. While you relax, the infrared rays cause heat stress, which can increase the number of white blood cells. The result is a stronger immune system that can combat disease faster.

Improving Skin Health

What’s also amazing about 6-person infrared saunas is their ability to nurture your skin. How, you might ask? The answer lies in the saunas’ ability to dilate your blood vessels. If this happens, more nutrients reach your skin, which leads to a healthier complexion.

Visiting a 6-person infrared sauna isn’t the only way to experience this benefit. In fact, the dimensions are irrelevant when discussing this aspect of your therapy. Whether you buy a 6-person or shop for a 5-person sauna, you’ll see the same results. You can even choose a much smaller room and shop for a 2-person infrared sauna without missing out on any skin gains.

All that matters is that you buy your saunas from Komowa Wellness – one of the most trusted names in the sauna industry.

What Makes a Komowa 6-Person Infrared Sauna the Right Pick?

If you want to maximize these health benefits, a 6-person infrared sauna by Komowa will be your ideal companion:

Komowa Has Stunning Accessories

To make the most of your sauna’s revitalizing potential, consider pairing up the treatment with a few infrared sauna accessories. For instance, some essential oils can go a long way in reinvigorating your body. The list includes sweet orange and peppermint essential oils.

Komowa has plenty of those. If requested, we can ship your infrared sauna with essential oils and other accessories to make your sessions more enjoyable and effective.

Komowa Ensures Unmatched Comfort

Sometimes, things can get a bit too hot in an infrared sauna. Komowa keeps this from happening by allowing you to customize the temperature. Our products come with panels and intuitive controls that let you lower the heat and maintain comfort.

Komowa Guarantees First-Class Build Quality

Once you achieve an optimal temperature, you want to keep it going for the health benefits to kick in. To ensure this, Komowa makes saunas of exceptional materials that are more resistant to holes and other problems than poorly made saunas.


6 Person Infrared Sauna

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