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5 Person Infrared Sauna

Experience communal wellness with Komowa's 5-Person Infrared Saunas. Tailored for larger groups, these saunas offer the rejuvenating benefits of infrared therapy. Explore the comfort and spacious design, creating an environment where multiple occupants can relax, rejuvenate, and share wellness moments.

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Check Out the 5-Person Infrared Sauna From Your Dreams at Komowa

You’ve heard about the wondrous effects of infrared saunas, such as the ability to boost your immune system and cardiovascular health. However, most manufacturers only offer small saunas for one or two people only. If you need a 5-person infrared sauna, look no further than Komowa.

Our premium collection of 5-person infrared sauna is here to support your well-being and maximize comfort. Here is why you should consider choosing a sauna from our curated assortment.

Reason #1 – Saunas Made of Superb Materials

The first thing you should consider when exploring any infrared sauna collection is the materials. The manufacturer should use the finest materials to maximize the durability of the room and make it more efficient.

That’s exactly what Komowa brings to the table.

Each sauna is built to last, which will be clear as soon as you take a look at one of our products. If you want to take your sanctuary outdoors, you’ll have no trouble doing so because the exterior is super-sturdy. There’s brushed, thermally modified Nordic spruce cladding to provide the ultimate durability. It can withstand extreme heat, rain, snow, hail, and many other threats without making the mid and far infrared technologies inside less effective.

Speaking of weather resistance, the roof adds another layer of reliable protection. It’s 100% waterproof to further block elements from ending your session prematurely.

There are many other robust features of our 5-person infrared saunas:

  • Robust doors – The door has an exceptional wind rating, meaning it won’t come off in high winds. This makes our 5-person saunas perfect for outdoor applications. They even have top-quality locks to maximize security. Some models use a 2” thick glass door that can come with a handle for both left-handed and right-handed opening, while others have the entire front made from glass panels.

  • Guttering – Some of our models come with a gutter to elevate the aesthetics of the sauna. More importantly, it redirects rain away from the sauna to increase its lifespan, which is essential for outdoor rooms.

  • Terrace finish – We’ve opted for a sleek yet powerful terrace finish. The material boasts high UV protection to preserve the great looks of your sauna for many years.

Reason #2 – Hassle-Free Sauna Experience

Whether you opt for a near or far-infrared sauna, you won’t have to worry about challenging installation or maintenance. Komowa offers detailed support to help you breeze through the installation, even for products that arrive in parts.

Not only that, but our saunas are convenient on many levels. You can control different aspects of your therapy, including the temperature, to maximize comfort.

Moreover, maintaining your 5-person infrared sauna will be a breeze, because the floor uses high-end drainage solutions to reduce the need for cleaning.

Reason #3 – Free Shipping

Setting up a 5-person infrared sauna can be expensive. Besides the cost of buying the sauna, you may also need to pay for changes to your electrical network. Komowa helps you reduce the total expense with free shipping.

Yes, you read that correctly. All 5-person saunas are shipped for free, and there are no hidden costs.

Reason #4 – Customizable Ambiance

As previously mentioned, our 5-person saunas allow you to modify the heater temperature, which is helpful if you want to gradually get used to infrared heat. However, that’s not the only customizable aspect of your sauna therapy. You can even add LED strips behind the backrest with up to 12 color settings to elevate the ambiance.

Reason #5 – Bonding Experience

Since your sauna can fit 5 people, there’s tremendous potential for bonding with your family and friends. This sauna also has enough room for two people to lie on the benches and have conversations while relishing the soothing ambiance.

The best part? Our selection of infrared saunas features saunas that provide the same bonding experience in different sizes. For example, if you’re short on space, you can purchase our infrared sauna for 4 people. It’s just as effective as the 5-person counterpart but slightly smaller to help you install it in your home or establishment more easily.

Alternatively, if you wish to kick the bonding factor up a notch, buy a 6-person infrared sauna from Komowa. It’s one of the largest products in our selection, allowing you to turn your infrared therapy into proper gatherings.


5 Person Infrared Sauna

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