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1 2 Person Sauna

Versatile wellness for one or two with Komowa's 1-2 Person Saunas. Tailored for flexible use, these saunas offer a shared or individual sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Experience the therapeutic benefits of a space designed for personalized or dual well-being, providing a serene retreat for flexible relaxation.

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Explore the Convenient and Powerful Design of a 1-2-Person Sauna

If you’re looking for a high-quality 1-2-person sauna, Komowa Wellness has exactly what you need. Our collection features top-rated 1-2-person saunas that have a convenient design and enormous potential to boost your health.

What Makes a 1-2-Person Sauna So Special?

Dynamic saunas from Komowa Wellness for 2 persons blend remarkable designs and tremendous healing properties. If you shop for a home sauna from us, you’ll gain access to many exclusive features:

Minimalist, Portable Construction

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or low-EMF far-infrared sauna, a 1-2-person sauna can be an excellent choice due to its minimalist construction. Komowa’s collection for one or two-person use has saunas that can easily fit any home or business. Some of our saunas are just 7x7, meaning you can install them pretty much anywhere.

What’s also great about our small saunas is their portable design. If you decide to relocate your indoor sauna outdoors, you’ll have no difficulty doing so. The bite-sized construction means less weight to carry around, enabling you to transport your sauna with ease.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining the interior and exterior of your sauna is essential for many reasons:

  • It extends the lifetime of your sauna by addressing smaller construction problems before they escalate (e.g., holes and discoloration).

  • It amplifies the soothing aroma of the sauna by eradicating odors caused by bacteria and other contaminants.

  • It ensures healthy premises by eradicating viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and other issues that can affect a traditional sauna.

The only problem is that keeping your sauna in great shape can be time-consuming, but not if you have a 1-2-person model. Once you install it on your patio or elsewhere, it’ll only take a few minutes every week to maintain the area due to its modest build.

Energy Savings

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on the nourishing effects of sauna therapy, a 1-2-person sauna is the answer. Some of our smallest saunas consume just 1,500-2,000 watts, which is perfect for budget-friendly applications.

Superior Materials

Our 1-2-person saunas may be small, but this doesn’t make them frail. On the contrary, we utilize some of the strongest materials, such as hemlock wood and cedar. These boost the durability of your sauna and protect it against various threats, including moisture, winds, and heavy impact.

The robust construction also ensures a long-term investment. A well-made one-person or 2-person sauna lasts longer than poorly designed saunas, eliminating the need to replace your sauna just a few months after the installation.

Improving Your Health in Many Ways

The ability of a sauna to provide health benefits doesn’t hinge on the size of the interior. The sauna temperature is much more important. You need your sauna elements to heat the space to a certain degree (if it’s a traditional sauna) or deliver enough radiation (if it’s an infrared sauna) to warm up your body.

A 1-2-person sauna doesn’t struggle to create heat. This means you can improve your health in numerous ways if you use your sauna regularly:

  • More energy – Many studies have associated regular sauna bathing with increased mitochondria production. The more mitochondria you have, the more energized you feel.

  • Supports optimal cardiovascular function – By raising your body temperature, a 1-2-person infrared sauna helps dilate your blood vessels. This increases circulation, reduces blood pressure, and allows more blood to circulate back to your heart, which can lower the risk of heart disease.

  • Helps keep your skin fresh and healthy – If you have itchy or otherwise problematic skin, you may remedy the problem with a few sessions in your 1-2-person sauna. The elevated circulation provides the skin with more nutrients to keep it healthier.

  • Muscle relaxation – The heat of a sauna helps relax your muscles to accelerate recovery from intense workouts. This holds true for all our saunas, not just 1-2-person alternatives. If you purchase a 3-person sauna from us, you’ll experience the same results.


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