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Near Infrared Saunas

Step into a world where tradition and innovation converge—welcome to Komowa’s exploration of Near Infrared Saunas. Tailored for those who seek the pinnacle of wellness, our Near Infrared Saunas are more than just an upgrade; they are a revelation. Unveil the power of targeted light therapy that reaches beyond mere relaxation, diving deep into cellular rejuvenation and natural vitality.

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Thanks to all the health and wellness benefits of infrared light therapy, infrared saunas can now rival their traditional counterparts in popularity. Since they’re less hot, these saunas are ideal for people with a low temperature tolerance who still want to experience the rejuvenating power of heat therapy. But even within the infrared sauna range, you can find models that are less intense than a standard infrared sauna. The sauna in question is a near-infrared sauna or a NIR sauna for short.

Why Choose Near-Infrared Saunas

When purchasing infrared saunas at Komowa, you’ll be able to choose between models based on the wavelength sizes they produce. There are three of these sizes (near, mid, and far), and they decide how intensive the infrared light treatment is and how much heat your sauna produces.

As you can probably conclude from the gradual listing, the near-infrared sauna lights produce the least amount of heat. These lights also only penetrate the skin’s surface (the outer layer), as opposed to mid and far-infrared lights that reach deeper into your body tissue.

This makes them ideal for promoting skin health. The near-infrared light stimulates cellular energy, thus encouraging the skin to self-heal and renew, making your skin look more plump and clear, as well as more resistant to injuries. There are also some studies that suggest that NIR light can stimulate collagen production, thus keeping your skin more elastic and youthful.

Of course, the level of penetration of this light doesn’t mean using a near-infrared light sauna has no other health and wellness benefits beyond the surface. This light can still widen blood vessels, improving circulation and accelerating the body’s anti-inflammatory response.

Why Purchase a Near-Infrared Sauna at Komowa

Now that you understand the gentle yet powerful effect of a near-IR sauna on your body, let’s see why you should buy near-infrared sauna from Komowa.

Superior Quality

There are a few boxes that a good sauna should check. Sturdiness and durability are among the first ones. Purchase a poorly built sauna, and it will cause more stress than it could possibly relieve. Aiming to make the infrared sauna experience entirely stress-free, Komowa only offers near-infrared saunas built with the finest materials, with eucalyptus at the forefront.

Eucalyptus is the perfect wood for a sauna – it won’t warp (even if you use the sauna daily), it resists rot and insects, and it boasts excellent anti-microbial properties. And it doesn’t hurt that this material mimics the appearance of cedar, the golden standard in wood aesthetics.

Uncompromising Safety

By default, near-infrared sauna lamps are safer for people with heat intolerance and some medical conditions. But heat isn’t the only cause for health concerns when it comes to infrared saunas. Many are concerned about the potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitting from their electric components (e.g., controllers and heaters).

However, there’s nothing to worry about. Every near-infrared sauna from Komowa is a low-EMF infrared sauna. This means that every electric part is designed to emit as few EMFs as possible, including the powerful (and patented) Tecoloy heaters, which surpass traditional units in carbon infrared saunas in almost every regard.

Unparalleled Comfort

Sure, you should prioritize safety when buying a near-infrared home sauna. But you should also pay special attention to comfort. After all, you’ll spend up to 45 minutes a day in this space. That’s why every near-infrared light therapy sauna has evenly distributed heaters for optimal comfort. When using these units, you’ll also enjoy sitting on an ergonomic bench, listening to your favorite playlist via the Bluetooth audio system, and personalizing your experience using the indoor control panel.

Near Infrared Saunas

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