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Low EMF Infrared Sauna

Welcome to Komowa's signature collection of Low EMF Infrared Saunas — where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled luxury. Designed for the discerning individual, our saunas offer not just a haven for relaxation, but also a sanctuary for well-being. Experience the deep, rejuvenating warmth of infrared heat, all while enjoying peace of mind with our state-of-the-art Low EMF technology.

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In traditional saunas originating from Finland, wood burning is the primary heat source. However, manufacturers have been gradually transitioning to electric heating, as it’s more convenient, controllable, and environmentally friendly. But with electric heating elements comes the fear of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure common for modern electric devices.

To address these founded) concerns, Komowa has made sure each infrared sauna in this collection is a low-EMF infrared sauna. This allows you to harness all the healing benefits of infrared light without the potential risks associated with high EMF levels.

Why Should You Avoid EMF Radiation?

Let’s not sugarcoat it – entirely avoiding EMFs is almost impossible in this modern, technology-driven world. Smartphones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, and numerous other electrical appliances are just some devices that emit these invisible energy waves. Even the sun does so naturally. But this doesn’t mean you should willingly expose yourself to EMFs for a prolonged period. Why?

There have been multiple studies on the potential effects these waves have on humans. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified some of these EMFs as possible human carcinogens. The strongest connection has been found between EMF radiation and glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer. In fact, most of the studies found some degree of negative impact from EMF radiation on cognitive function.

Though more research is needed to find a definite link, it’s prudent to take caution to avoid unnecessary EMF radiation. Of course, this also includes using a low-EMF sauna.

What Makes Komowa’s Saunas Low-EMF Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas from Komowa have several electrically charged components, most notably the heaters. However, every electric component within each infrared sauna is equipped with ultra-low EMF technology, reducing its radiation to a minimum. For instance, the heaters (the patented Tecoloy and TruInfra heaters) are purposefully designed to emit low levels of EMFs, thus posing no danger to human health. Plus, they are all UL-listed, meaning they’ve undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and compliance with industry standards.

What Are the Other Benefits of Komowa’s Saunas?

Though purchasing the lowest EMF sauna is important, it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. Here are some other notable benefits of Komowa’s low-EMF infrared saunas.

Durable Construction

An infrared sauna (zero EMF or not) is typically exposed to high temperatures daily. This means its construction requires a material that can handle the constant heat without losing its structural integrity over time. And that’s precisely what eucalyptus can do and why most Komowa’s saunas are made using this material.

Besides being incredibly resistant to moisture and warping, eucalyptus is toxin-free, anti-microbial, and eco-friendly. In Komowa’s arsenal of materials that can stand the test of time, it’s joined only by cedar, which is also durable and offers impressive mold resistance and low heat conductivity.

Enhanced Comfort

The technology that makes Komowa’s infrared sauna low-EMF is what ensures your sauna session is safe. The attention to every detail and a comfort-first approach make your sauna session enjoyable. When using an ultra-low-EMF infrared sauna from Komowa, you’ll sit on an ergonomic bench, enjoy heat coming from all directions, and be able to customize your experience using low-EMF interior controllers.

A Variety of Choices

Komowa offers an impressive range of infrared models, differing in their capacity, design, and wavelength sizes. The good news is that each of these saunas is an ultra-low-EMF sauna, so you can base your choice solely on your needs and preferences.

You can adjust the intensity of the infrared light treatment by choosing between a low-EMF far infrared sauna, a near-infrared unit, and a full-spectrum model. Make enough room for your friends and family by selecting a unit with multiple seating, or ensure the sauna can fit your home effortlessly by selecting a corner-specific model. With Komowa, the choice is all yours!


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