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Infrared Sauna Kit

Introducing Komowa's Infrared Sauna Kits—the ultimate blend of luxury and personalization for your wellness journey. Designed for ease of assembly without sacrificing performance, our kits allow you to bring the unmatched Komowa sauna experience into your own space. 

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Experience the Unparalleled Convenience of an Infrared Sauna Kit

Home saunas are increasingly gaining in popularity and for good reason. These handy cabins allow you to experience the many health and wellness benefits of sauna bathing in the comfort of your own home. There’s no commuting, sharing the space with unknown people, or dealing with public facilities—only peace and quiet.

If the infrared (IR) sauna is your chosen sauna type, consider purchasing it as a kit from Komowa. Infrared sauna kits for home are the most convenient solution for building a personal, peaceful retreat. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Opt for an Infrared Sauna Kit

When you order your IR sauna kit from Komowa, you’ll receive a package with all the materials and hardware you need to build a beautiful indoor sauna. You only need basic building experience and a few essential tools, and you can get down to work immediately. Let’s explore the benefits of these home infrared sauna kits.

Ease of Installation

The best thing about Komowa’s infrared saunas for home is that virtually anyone can build them. Besides receiving all the necessary materials, you’ll also get a detailed step-by-step manual on assembling the infrared sauna of your dreams.

If you’re a visual learner, you can look for a video tutorial for your sauna model on Komowa’s website and follow along. With some time and effort, you’ll have a wonderful, healing oasis within your home.

Saving Money

Let’s not sugarcoat it – custom building a sauna and professionally installing it can cost a small fortune. By opting for an infrared sauna home kit, you’ll save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on the cabin itself and the cost of installing it in your home.

Enjoying Flexibility

Infrared sauna kits from Komowa come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. This allows you to find the kit that best fits your home (or property) and aesthetic vision. Are you limited in space? Go for a corner sauna kit. Do you want something with a more unique appearance? An infrared barrel sauna might be the answer.

On top of this, you can always disassemble and relocate an infrared sauna kit in case of moving or renovating your home. Custom-made, built-in saunas don’t offer the same luxury.

What to Expect From Infrared Sauna Kits at Komowa

Every infrared sauna kit for sale at Komowa is designed with quality, comfort, and practicality in mind. Here’s what to expect when you purchase one of these beauties.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

As you will probably be able to tell while building your infrared sauna kit, every piece is built with impressive precision using only the finest materials. A five-step quality control process during manufacturing and close collaboration with the lumber supplier makes such a remarkable outcome possible. The latter ensures that only the best lumber ends up in one of the infrared sauna kits for sale at Komowa.

Unparalleled Comfort

Infrared saunas allow you to spend a little more time in them per session. Komowa wants you to enjoy each of those minutes in ultimate comfort and relaxation. That’s why each of Komowa’s infrared sauna kits features ergonomic benches and an innovative heating system that transports the heat evenly.

Depending on your chosen kit, you can have the added comfort of reclining in your seat, playing your favorite music, or remotely controlling the temperature within the cabin.

High-Tech Amenities

Every piece of tech within Komowa’s infrared saunas is designed to elevate your overall sauna experience. With patented low-EMF heaters, indoor and outdoor LED panels, and multicolored chromotherapy lights, your chosen sauna will strike the perfect balance between technology and tranquility.


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