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Infrared Barrel Sauna

Discover a new level of luxurious relaxation with Komowa's Infrared Barrel Saunas. Combining superior craftsmanship with a stunning barrel design, our saunas offer both form and function for the discerning wellness aficionado. 

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Barrel Your Way to Bliss With an Infrared Barrel Sauna

A barrel sauna has a pretty self-explanatory name – it’s a sauna shaped like a barrel. But there’s much more to a barrel sauna (infrared or traditional) than its striking appearance. This unique shape brings several benefits no “traditional” infrared sauna types can offer. Read more about them and choose the outdoor infrared barrel sauna of your dreams at Komowa.

Why Buy an Infrared Barrel Sauna

Here’s what makes an outdoor barrel infrared sauna the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a personal retreat for relaxation and healing.

Rapid Radiance

Unlike a rectangular or corner infrared sauna, a barrel sauna has no high corners (or any corners, for that matter). This means there’s also no unused air space, which causes long preheat time and uneven heat distribution. The result? Your infrared sauna barrel will heat up quicker and more evenly. The circular design will also naturally push the hot air down, which ensures a more efficient sauna experience for users sitting inside.

A Smart Sauna Solution

Due to its unique circular shape, the barrel sauna will use less energy to heat the cabin. This makes it a more energy-efficient choice, keeping your monthly energy bills lower.

A Heavenly Hideaway

Since an infrared barrel sauna has no corners, heat can’t get stuck anywhere, eliminating the pesky hot and cold spots within the sauna. The curved walls also help spread the heat inside more evenly, creating a comfortable and cozy sauna experience. The same walls often have built-in back support, allowing users to sit back and fully relax.

Supreme Space

An outdoor infrared barrel sauna is typically bigger than a traditional sauna. This means that this outdoor retreat can accommodate more people, turning sauna bathing into a family affair. After all, using a sauna started out as a social experience and is still highly valued as such in countries like Finland. So, gather your favorite people, get rid of any distractions, and escape from the rigors of modern life in a spacious infrared barrel sauna from Komowa.

A Swift Setup

Choose an infrared sauna kit from Komowa and enjoy the swift setup of your barrel cabin. Thanks to a fully equipped package and a step-by-step manual, you can put your chosen sauna together in under a day. A hands-on approach allows you to get to know the ins and outs of this fascinating structure and save money on the installation.

However, don’t sweat it if you aren’t up to the challenge! Contact us about the possibility of professional installation in your area.

A Wooden Wonder

Though the functionality of an infrared barrel sauna is the No. 1 priority, not mentioning its aesthetic appeal would be doing it a disservice. The fascinating shape of a barrel sauna makes it the perfect addition to any outdoor space, making it more charming instantly. The solid wood construction also closely resembles the look and feel of traditional Finnish saunas, creating a truly authentic experience and a nostalgic nook for all sauna enthusiasts to enjoy.

Why Buy an Infrared Barrel Sauna From Komowa

By now, it’s clear that an outdoor infrared barrel sauna will be an excellent addition to your property. Go with Komowa’s saunas, and you won’t have to worry about how well this addition will fare throughout the years.

Komowa sells only saunas made with the finest materials that insulate heat yet don’t get too hot to the touch. They’re also extremely sturdy and resistant, ensuring your barrel sauna stays with you in all its glory for years to come.

Thanks to highly efficient heaters, you’ll be warm and cozy throughout the session without worrying about the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The heaters (and all the other high-tech amenities within the sauna) are equipped with low-EMF technology that safeguards you from dangerous emissions.


Infrared Barrel Sauna

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