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Indoor Infrared Saunas

Step into wellness and relaxation with Komowa's exceptional Indoor Infrared Saunas. Delve into the luxury of spa-like comfort within your home, as our handpicked collection offers a haven for those seeking the transformative benefits of infrared technology. Experience rejuvenation and self-care with our carefully selected indoor saunas, thoughtfully designed to elevate your well-being.

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An Indoor Infrared Sauna – The Perfect Sauna for Your Home

It’s no surprise that you’re considering an infrared sauna for your home. The detoxification benefits alone are reason enough to purchase one – you never feel fresher than when you come out of a sauna. And you’re currently looking at different indoor infrared sauna models, so you don’t have to visit a spa every time you want a detox. You’ve made your decision and know that an indoor infrared sauna is right for you. Allow us to explain why that sauna should come from Komowa.

The Joys of Heat Therapy That Come From Using an Infrared Sauna

Let’s start with the main benefit that comes when you buy an infrared detox sauna for your home – the convenience factor. Normally, you’d have to arrange a date at a spa to focus on your body’s relaxation. That involves scheduling, traveling, and generally being around other people when you’re simply looking at using an infrared sauna to improve your wellness.

Those problems disappear when you have an indoor infrared sauna. Your home becomes your spa – your personal sanctuary – as you get to enjoy your sauna’s heat on your schedule. But beyond that obvious convenience factor, there are several reasons why infrared, in particular, is the way to go.

For instance, the near-infrared light generated by your sauna can penetrate deeper than the heat emitted in a steam sauna. It’s a whole new sauna experience that’s designed to provide greater relief from muscle and joint pain. You leave your indoor sauna feeling refreshed – in body and mind – because infrared actively aids your body in its recovery phases. As a result, the infrared heaters in these saunas are often favored by athletes, though they’re also effective for those who simply experience pain and wish to find relief.

There are also benefits to blood circulation to consider. An indoor infrared sauna increases blood flow through your body by causing your blood vessels to dilute. In short, they become wider, allowing more blood to flow while ensuring your muscles receive more oxygen. This is key to the pain relief a sauna provides – more oxygen leads to faster recovery.

It’s also worth considering the way infrared saunas operate in comparison to steam saunas. The latter requires water and a physical fuel source – both additional expenses you may not wish to absorb. With infrared saunas, the heat is generated by panels (many Komowa saunas feature eight of these panels), with much of that heat being focused on your body rather than escaping into the air.

Why Buy a Full-Spectrum Indoor Infrared Sauna From Komowa?

So, it’s clear why an infrared sauna will work for you. The only question left is, why should you trust Komowa with your sauna needs? There are three main reasons to choose Komowa, whether you need an indoor sauna or wish to buy an outdoor sauna if your home doesn’t have the space for a full indoor setup.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Komowa’s indoor saunas are made using the highest quality wood – eucalyptus or cedar, depending on the design – which is able to stand up to consistent use and looks wonderful in your home. All wood used is certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and your sauna undergoes an extensive five-stage testing process before it makes its way to you.

Various Sizes Available

One-, two-, and three-person indoor saunas are available at Komowa, ensuring you always find the sauna that’s right for your needs. What’s more, those who don’t have the space for a full-sized sauna can instead sweat out toxins using a Komowa infrared sauna blanket – perfect for portability and space-saving.

Comfort as Standard

When you buy your sauna from Komowa, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your comfort is a priority. Most models come with an ergonomic bench – designed for extended seated periods – with some even offering reclining seating so you enjoy complete relaxation under the infrared heat.

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