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Full Size Portable Infrared Sauna

Transform any space into your personal wellness retreat with Komowa’s Full-Size Portable Infrared Saunas. Marrying the luxury of a full-size sauna with the convenience of portability, our saunas redefine what it means to experience accessible indulgence.

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Wellness on the Go With a Full-Size Portable Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are currently all the rage. Given their positive impact on the skin, heart, and brain, this shouldn’t be a surprise. People who decide to give these healing units a try at home have several decisions to make. The first is whether to go for the classic – a full-spectrum, near, or far-infrared sauna room. Or, they can choose a more convenient and space-saving option – a full-size portable infrared sauna. Let’s see why the latter is an excellent option.

Why Buy a Full-Size Portable Infrared Sauna

Truthfully, any infrared sauna is an excellent choice. However, a full-size portable sauna beats the “regular” home sauna (as well as regular saunas in a gym or spa) in a few regards.

Saving Space

A full-size portable infrared sauna is ideal for homeowners who want to experience the wonders of infrared light therapy yet lack the space to do so. Set this sauna up for a session, sweat it out, and then back to the storage it goes!

Staying Flexible

Once you experience the many benefits of infrared light therapy, you’ll want to take your infrared sauna with you wherever you go. A portable sauna lets you do just that. You can pack it up when traveling, visiting family and friends, or even going on business trips (as an invaluable stress-relief tool).

But you don’t even have to leave your home to appreciate the flexibility of a full-size portable sauna. This sauna allows you to change the location of your session every day. Do you need some help getting through the session? Place your sauna in front of the TV. Do you need some peace and quiet? Set it up in your bedroom and make your own private retreat.

Saving Money

Due to its size and design, a full-size portable infrared sauna is typically significantly more affordable than a built-in sauna room. This allows homeowners on a budget to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of infrared light therapy without breaking the bank. Plus, due to its affordable price, a portable sauna can serve as a trial run before deciding whether to commit to a full-size built-in sauna.

Why Buy a Full-Size Portable Infrared Sauna From Komowa

By now, it should be clear why a full-size portable sauna is an excellent idea. Now, let’s see why you should get yours from Komowa.

Unquestionable Effectiveness

A full-size portable infrared sauna might be smaller than a built-in sauna cabin, but this doesn’t make it any less effective. Komowa’s portable saunas have identical heaters and the same precise temperature control as its bigger units. This means you’ll experience the same health benefits as from a permanently installed sauna.

Cozy Comfort

Komowa’s portable saunas are padded throughout, making lying in them a cozy experience. The heated pads are evenly distributed, so you don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots.

Uncompromising Safety

Every full-size portable sauna from Komowa is a low-EMF (electromagnetic field) and non-toxic infrared sauna. This makes it perfectly safe for everyday use.

Unparalleled Ease of Set Up

Every full-size portable infrared sauna from Komowa can be set up in a few simple steps. Place the pad on the floor, cover it with the chamber, toss in your pillow, and you’re ready! The whole process shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes.

Impressive Ease of Storage

Just as you’ll have no trouble setting up a full-size portable sauna from Komowa, you’ll have no trouble storing it when not in use. This sauna type can collapse to half its size, allowing you to stow it away conveniently, even in smaller spaces.


Full Size Portable Infrared Sauna

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