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Far Infrared Sauna Room

Step into a new dimension of wellness with Komowa’s Far Infrared Sauna Rooms. Combining scientifically-backed far infrared technology with sumptuous design elements, our sauna rooms offer a deeply therapeutic and uniquely invigorating experience. Read on to explore how far infrared can revolutionize your approach to health and well-being.

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Experience the Wonders of a Far-Infrared Sauna Room

When purchasing a home sauna, you must make several decisions. Usually, the first involves choosing the sauna type best suited to your needs and space. If the infrared sauna emerges as a victor, the decision-making process regarding the type of sauna still isn’t over. Now, it’s time to choose the infrared light wavelength size for your sauna. Here’s why a far-infrared sauna room from Komowa might be your go-to choice.

The Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Light

At Komowa, you can purchase an infrared sauna in three different wavelength sizes – near, far, and full spectrum. The last sauna type combines all three levels of infrared light: near (NIR), mid (MIR), and far (FIR). But why do these wavelength sizes matter?

Well, they determine how deep the infrared light will penetrate your skin and, in turn, how intensive infrared light treatment will be. As its name suggests, the far-infrared light goes the farthest (i.e., the deepest). This also means that a far-infrared sauna room produces the most heat out of all infrared sauna types.

The intensity and penetration depth of this light matter as they are directly responsible for some unique health benefits a far-infrared sauna room offers to its users. For instance, these sauna rooms are believed to help the body’s detoxification process, as the far-infrared light can reach the toxins stored deep within the body’s tissue.

This intensive heat also helps boost blood circulation and stimulate cellular healing more efficiently, thus laying the grounds for a number of other health and wellness benefits (e.g., improved cardiovascular function).

All in all, choosing a wooden infrared sauna with FIR light from Komowa’s assortment allows you to experience the many benefits of infrared light therapy in full force.

What Makes a Far-Infrared Sauna Room From Komowa Stand Out

If all you want is to experience the health and wellness benefits of a sauna, you can always purchase a portable infrared sauna for your home. However, if you want to maximize the potential benefits and indulge in a more immersive sauna experience, a sauna room (or cabin) is a must. Here’s what makes each far-infrared sauna room from Komowa stand out.

Sturdy Construction

A far-infrared sauna room can get pretty hot. That’s why this room must be made using quality material that doesn’t absorb much heat. At Komowa, eucalyptus is the material of choice for most far-infrared sauna rooms. This material is highly resistant to heat, rot, and insects, so you can rest assured your sauna will remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for years.

Remarkable Comfort

Not all people are used to sauna bathing. Making the far-infrared sauna room as comfortable as possible goes a long way toward easing the sauna experience for newcomers and ensuring their enjoyment.

At Komowa, comfort is a priority. Every sauna room contains comfortable, ergonomically designed seats that make lounging a pleasure, while temperature settings can be customized to suit individual needs. Plus, the state-of-the-art heaters emitting the far-infrared light are evenly distributed, eliminating hot spots and ensuring cozy warmth throughout the room.

Top-Notch Safety

When you’re inside a far-infrared sauna room from Komowa, you should feel 100% safe. There’s no need to worry about microorganisms due to eucalyptus’s natural anti-microbial properties. If the temperature gets too high, you can always reduce it using highly accurate temperature controls.

There’s also no need to worry about EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure from the electricity-powered components, as each is equipped with ultra-low EMF technology. This includes the high-quality heaters emitting far-infrared light. In other words, there’s no place for worrying in Komowa’s saunas, only peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


Far Infrared Sauna Room

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