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Corner Infrared Sauna

Introducing Komowa's Corner Infrared Saunas—the perfect union of spatial efficiency and sumptuous wellness. Specifically designed to fit snugly into corners, these saunas provide a luxury experience that harmonizes with your living space.

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Experience Unparalleled Convenience With a Corner Infrared Sauna

When purchasing an infrared sauna at Komowa, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can choose how many seats your sauna has, what type of infrared light it emits, and how many amenities it features. But you can also choose one more thing – the sauna’s shape.

You see, most infrared saunas are rectangular. However, you can also purchase a space-efficient alternative – a corner infrared sauna. Let’s see why this option is a good idea.

Why Opt for a Corner Infrared Sauna

As its name suggests, a corner infrared sauna is designed to fit in a corner, thus maximizing space efficiency. Naturally, this is also the first (and most significant) benefit of these sauna types. But it isn’t the only one.

Unparalleled Space Efficiency

Purchasing an outdoor sauna is typically a breeze. Just pick your favorite infrared barrel sauna and place it anywhere in your yard. And that’s it; you can start reaping the many benefits of sauna bathing. However, indoor saunas pose more of a challenge.

Before purchasing one, you must consider your home layout and design and try to find a place that can accommodate such a massive structure without compromising safety and functionality. A corner infrared sauna helps you save some of the valuable floor space. This makes them the ideal choice for homeowners who have limited space but don’t want to give up on having an indoor sauna.

Ease of Installation

An infrared corner sauna can fit into existing space (or a corner, to be precise) with minimal effort and disturbance to the room’s layout. In fact, most of Komowa’s corner saunas ship as sauna kits, so you can install your unit on your own.

With the kit, you’ll find a detailed, step-by-step manual to guide you through the process. If you’re more of a visual learner, check Komowa’s website, and you’ll likely find a video tutorial for assembling your chosen model.

Exceptional Affordability

Due to its unique design and compact size, a corner infrared sauna is typically significantly more affordable than a “regular” infrared sauna. So, if you’re considering buying a 3-person sauna on a budget, a 3-person corner sauna might be your best choice.

Why Buy a Corner Infrared Sauna from Komowa

The benefits resulting from the corner sauna’s compact design are just a part of all the benefits of this infrared sauna. Corner saunas from Komowa have numerous other advantages that make them a fabulous choice for all homeowners, not only those with limited space.

Masterful Craftsmanship

Every corner infrared sauna from Komowa’s collection is hand-made using materials of the highest quality. The material that dominates its corner sauna construction is Western cedar wood. The wood in question has been PEFC-certified (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), indicating that it comes from sustainably managed forests.

Besides being eco-friendly, the cedar used for the saunas in Komowa’s selection is highly heat-resistant, non-toxic, and aromatic.

Soothing Comfort

Don’t let the corner design of these saunas scare you; there’s still plenty of space for you to lounge and relax. Choose a larger sauna, like a 3-person corner infrared sauna, and you and your friends or family members will have more than enough space while sweating it out in this handy sauna.

You’ll also sit on ergonomic benches designed with comfort in mind and enjoy even heat distribution, eliminating the unpleasant hot and cold spots and maximizing your enjoyment.

Specific models also include some nice touches, like a Bluetooth music player, magazine holder, or an interior towel bar, allowing you to transform sauna bathing into an all-around cozy experience.

High-Tech Amenities

Gone are the days when a few stones dictated the temperature within a sauna. You can now do this way more precisely with the help of high-tech interior and exterior controllers. But these aren’t the only high-tech components you can find in Komowa’s corner saunas.

You’ll also find carefully distributed near-infrared lighting (that can also be used for therapeutic purposes) and patented heaters that heat the room quickly and evenly while emitting minimal levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Corner Infrared Sauna

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