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Circular Sauna

Step into the world of circular saunas with Komowa Wellness, where elegance meets functionality. Our circular saunas, known for their unique and inviting curved structure, are not just a statement of luxury but a gateway to enhanced wellness. Designed to elevate your sauna experience, each model combines exceptional heat distribution with architectural beauty, transforming your home into a haven of relaxation and health.

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Discover the Charm of Diverse Wood Options

Komowa’s circular saunas offer a variety of wood choices, each bringing its unique charm and benefits. From the durable and fragrant cedar, known for its sustainability and energy efficiency, to the visually appealing Nordic spruce and the economical pine options, our range caters to diverse preferences and styles. Choose the wood that resonates with your aesthetic and functional needs, and immerse yourself in a sauna experience that is uniquely yours.

Innovative Circular Sauna Kits for Enhanced Wellness

Embrace the health benefits of our circular saunas. Their rapid heating and even heat distribution, owing to the circular shape, provide an efficient and consistent sauna experience. These features make our saunas not only a luxurious addition to your home but also a practical choice for your wellness routine. Experience the joys of a quick, energy-efficient sauna session with Komowa’s circular sauna kits. You can explore more options on our home sauna collection.


Why Pick a Circular Sauna Kit

Like the corner sauna collection, the circular sauna is an ideal choice because it brings health, club, and spa experiences right to the privacy of your home. When placed outdoors, the attractive curved, cylindrical structures add to the home’s aesthetic appeal. However, there is more to the barrel sauna than meets the eye. Here are some of the reasons to get one.

They Heat Up Fast

This outdoor sauna beats other shapes regarding heat distribution because you have ample usable space but far less overall area. With the reduced area, it means there is less space that needs to be heated up. As a result, the outdoor barrel sauna heats up faster than the traditional sauna.

Even Heat Distribution

Think of a cube sauna. As the heat rises, it accumulates at the ceiling level. However, with a circular-shaped sauna, the heat circulates along the walls since there is no room for it to pool at the top. This way, heat is evenly and constantly distributed within the pod sauna.

It’s an Energy-Efficient Option

Due to the fast heating and distribution attributes compared to conventional options, less energy is required in this modern sauna. Thick lumber staves further insulate the indoor sauna to make it even more energy-efficient.

Room for Wood Expansion and Contraction

The construction of a barrel sauna is very specific. In most cases, very few fasteners are used. This way, the wood can contract in dry environments and expand when it gets humid. The barrels are often structurally dependable.

It’s a Beautiful Addition to the Backyard

Apart from sauna design, there is a beauty element that this type of sauna brings to the table. This is a worthy path to take if you want to enhance the yard setting or make it unique. Plant flowers and shrubs around it and let vines cover it to make it even more special. An alternative is to place it near the pool or pond. There are so many possibilities.

Elevate Your Space with Elegant Circular Saunas

A Komowa circular sauna is more than a wellness tool; it’s a piece of art. Whether placed in your backyard, garden, or any outdoor space, it adds a touch of sophistication and beauty. Its striking design complements any landscape, making it an attractive and functional addition to your home.

Circular Sauna

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