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3 Person Infrared Sauna

Experience shared wellness with Komowa's 3-Person Infrared Saunas. Tailored space for up to three people, our saunas offer a blend of comfort and rejuvenation. Designed to provide ample space and the therapeutic benefits of infrared therapy, our collection creates an environment where multiple individuals can relax and revitalize together

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Experience the Wellness of a Komowa 3-Person Infrared Sauna

Komowa offers a stunning 3-person infrared sauna collection for everyone who wants to experience the unique sauna experience in company. Our 3-person infrared sauna is an excellent choice if you want to make an event out of your sauna time.

Let’s see what makes our 3-person infrared saunas so fantastic.

Why Invest in a Komowa 3-Person Infrared Sauna?

Here are the five benefits that will convince you to install an electrical sauna from our collection:

Benefit #1 – Huge Potential to Alleviate Health Problems

When someone recommends you buy an ultraviolet sauna, they probably mean you should get an infrared sauna. Most people think these terms are the same, but they’re not. Ultraviolet rays are associated with many harmful effects, whereas infrared rays are perfectly safe. The former are used in tanning salons to give you that bronzed complexion, but are not particularly great long-term. On the other hand, infrared rays mainly provide warmth.

Whether you need a near, mid, or far-infrared sauna, a 3-person infrared sauna can feature the preferred therapy method. This means you can improve your health in many ways if you use your sauna regularly:

  • Deep muscular relaxation – Infrared saunas may help your muscles relax on a deeper level than traditional saunas. The infrared rays penetrate the skin rather than merely heat up the room. By reaching the deepest fibers, the rays can help accelerate muscle recovery.

  • ·Better cardiovascular function – Our 3-person infrared saunas are also effective when it comes to boosting your cardiovascular health. The built-in heater helps dilate your blood vessels to lower blood pressure and supply the rest of the body with much-needed nutrients.

  • Enhanced skin – One of the organs that receive more nutrients during infrared sauna bathing is the skin. This gives you a better-looking, healthier complexion.

Benefit #2 – Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Another great thing about a 3-person infrared sauna from Komowa is that the size is just right for most people. Oftentimes, those that can fit up to 2 people are too small, especially if you need a group experience. Likewise, you might not have enough room for a 7 or 8-person sauna.

A 3-person sauna is the perfect solution. It helps you enjoy the warmth with others without the need to install a larger room. This also translates to energy savings since you have to power a relatively small area.

Benefit #3 – Great for Bonding

Speaking of group experiences, Komowa’s 3-person infrared saunas are ideal if you want to share the room with someone else. Some saunas have one bench, while others have two opposite-facing benches. Regardless of the layout, the area will never feel cramped with 3 people inside. You can share previous sauna experiences or discuss something entirely unrelated while the heat nurtures your body.

Benefit #4 – Customizability Galore

Our 3-person infrared saunas arrive pre-assembled, but this doesn’t mean you can’t modify the experience. On the contrary, each sauna has a number of features you can tweak to maximize comfort. For example, if things get too hot, use the built-in controls to lower the temperature and ensure you spend enough time inside for the health effects to kick in.

Besides the temperature, some of our saunas also come with a convenient sound system. Simply connect to it via Bluetooth and relax with your favorite jams in the background.

Benefit #5 – Premium Materials

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about replacing your 3-person infrared sauna just a few months down the line. That’s because each sauna is made of the highest-quality materials, such as Canadian hemlock and cedar. As such, Komowa saunas are resistant to warping, buckling, and other issues that plague low-quality rooms.

This holds true for all our infrared saunas, regardless of their size. As a result, you can confidently purchase a 4-person infrared sauna or an infrared sauna for two people, knowing they’re constructed from top-rated materials.


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