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2 Person Infrared Sauna

Share wellness in comfort with Komowa's 2-Person Infrared Saunas. Experience the therapeutic benefits of infrared technology designed for two. Elevate your well-being together with our carefully tailored saunas, providing a serene space for relaxation

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Discover Komowa’s Mesmerizing 2-Person Infrared Sauna Collection

One of the most important factors when buying a personal infrared sauna is the size. You don’t want it to be too small in case you decide to invite someone else to accompany you. Likewise, saunas that are too large can be prohibitively difficult to install and more expensive to maintain.

A 2-person infrared sauna from Komowa is the ideal middle ground.

What Makes Komowa’s 2-Person Infrared Sauna Selection Special?

As previously indicated, you may not need an infrared sauna for one person. You don’t want to order a 3-person far-infrared sauna online either (for now), which is why you’re considering a 2-person sauna.

The investment makes a lot of sense, especially if you buy your infrared sauna at Komowa. Our premium selection consists of high-quality 2-person infrared saunas with many benefits.

Convenient Size

Although 2-person saunas are slightly larger than their 1-person counterparts, they’re still relatively small. Komowa’s 2-person infrared saunas are approximately 6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide, meaning there’s plenty of sitting space for 2 people who want to enjoy the infrared heaters.

This also means you can install them pretty much anywhere. Even if you have an apartment, you shouldn’t have trouble fitting it inside because it requires minimal floor space.

Additionally, the installation itself is pretty straightforward. Komowa provides assistance to ensure your sauna is fully functional from the get-go. Our savvy technicians can either guide you through the installation or do the work themselves to help you avoid any hassle altogether.

Energy Efficiency

Whether your 2-person infrared sauna is made of Canadian hemlock or cedar, it’ll be energy-efficient. In general, saunas of this size use less than 2,000 watts, which pales in comparison to the energy consumption of larger saunas (5,000-6,000 watts). Therefore, if you want a smart long-term investment, an indoor or outdoor 2-person sauna from Komowa makes a lot of sense.

Customizable Wellness

Unlike an old steam sauna, modern 2-person infrared saunas come with customizable features. Komowa saunas contain a built-in control panel that lets you adjust the temperature and set a timer to avoid overstaying in the sauna. The default setting is usually 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can crank it up if you’re used to warmth or lower it if you’re yet to complete your first sauna therapy.

Not only that, but some of our infrared saunas also feature Bluetooth connectivity. This enables you to connect your smartphone to the built-in speakers, allowing you to relax to your favorite tunes.

Bonding Experience

Since a 2-person sauna is slightly larger than their 1-person counterparts, you don’t need to spend time inside alone. Komowa saunas have opposite-facing, flip-down, or side-by-side benches that let you enjoy the wellness effects while having a conversation.

Sublime Health Effects

Contrary to popular belief, size isn’t important when determining the effectiveness of an infrared sauna. Whether you use 6-person or 1-person EMF far-infrared saunas, you experience the same health benefits:

  • May support detoxification – Many associate infrared saunas with detoxification. As Komowa’s 2-person infrared sauna can cause you to sweat profusely, the beads of sweat may act as vessels that transport toxins out of your body.

  • Stress relief – If you’re feeling stressed out, all it takes to feel less anxious is to step inside a 2-person infrared sauna for 15-20 minutes. Keep the temp between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should feel more relaxed after the session.

  • Alleviating muscle pain – Your muscles tend to be sore after an intense workout. A great way to reduce the soreness and accelerate recovery is to enter an infrared sauna. The infrared rays penetrate your skin, reach the deep layers of muscle, and help them recuperate faster.


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